We Will Save You MoneyIs your power bill getting too expensive? Do you want to reduce consumption and enhance your production capabilities? We will have already fixed for others most of the issues you may be having right now! Contact us today as our products, services and expertise will save you money.

We are not just ‘another re-seller’ – Drive Solutions NQ has the skills and staff to handle it all which enables us to provide a complete package solution – consultation, quote and sales, installation, programming, commissioning and after sales service.

We are not here today, gone tomorrow. We partner with our clients throughout the life cycle of their projects and products. Drive Solutions NQ will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver a solution which will deliver considerable energy savings. That’s our promise to you.

Drive Solutions NQ WHY CHOOSE US


We are the North Queensland distributors for Danfoss and Vacon Variable Speed Drives, Toshiba 3 Phase Motors, Power Shield UPS Systems, Rittal Enclosure Systems, SICK Sensor Intelligence, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric and Banner to name a few. We’re proud of our after sales service.


Drive Solutions NQ offers complete knowledge and experience. Our direct links with Danfoss, Toshiba and more make us the trusted choice for all your Motor and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) requirements. When performance counts, make sure you have the right configuration.


When evaluating motors for purchasing, users should place a high value on the running cost saving advantages, as compared to purchase price. Any higher initial purchase price will be quickly recovered by the reduced running costs. Data sheets are available for comparisons. Ask us.


Motor efficiency is one factor that can significantly affect running costs, another way to improve efficiency is by using a VSD. Our range of VSDs have outstanding performance, fast response, high accuracy and easy operation.


From small commercial use to large industrial applications, we’ll show you how to save up to 50% or more in your running costs across all of your electric motor applications. Keep the money in your pocket, not Ergons.


Our service region stretches from Mackay to the Tip, throughout the Gulf area and across to the Northern Territory border. We’re pleased to provide the below case study showing potential benefits to customers.

Energy Conservation Rule Of Thumb – Pump General SavingsAt Drive Solutions NQ our products are manufactured with respect for the safety and wellbeing of people and the environment.

A Variable Speed Drive is designed to enhance system operation, protect equipment, and reduce water loss while providing significant energy savings.

As a ‘rule of thumb’ if you reduce the speed of your motor / pump by 20%, you can reduce your energy use by 50%.

For Example: With a 45kW Motor/pump and a cost of 20cents per kW, it will cost your club $9 per hour to run the machine. If you ran that pump for 10 hours per day, it would cost your club $90 per day. With a reduction of just 20% in energy, it would take approx 5,000 hours or 500 days (pumping 10 hours per day) to cover the outlay for a Variable Speed Drive with a Cost of $9,000. Should you reduce energy use by 50%, it may only take 200 days (pumping 10 hours per day) to cover the outlay.

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