Drive Solutions has secured a sales partnership with Danfoss, one of the leading creators and suppliers (VSDs) Variable Speed Drives and have been a leader in its field since 1968.

From standard to permanent magnet motors, on any industrial machine or production line, regardless of where a Danfoss VLT  is installed, it saves extensive energy, increases flexibility and strengthens reliability for its owners.

Danfoss VLTs  can be mounted in various forms, switchboard applications, wall mounted or is designed to work with all common supply voltages, this ensures system designers are free to connect the drive to the chosen motor and remain confident that the system will perform at its full capacity.

Reduced project costs ensure the lowest possible cost of ownership and maintain high efficiency processes with a premier proven and future-ready motor controlled solution.

Every Danfoss  VLT is based on 45 years of experience and innovation.

Easy to use, all models follow the same basic design and operating principle, making this one of the most user friendly options in the world.

VLT® HVAC Basic Drive FC 101 (0.25kW to 90kW)

VLT AQUA DRIVE FC202 (1.1kW to 2000kW)

VLT AutomationDrive FC302 (0.25kW to 1200kW).

VLT Midi Drive FC280 (0.37kW to 22kW)

VLT® Drives FC Series Option Overview

VLT® Micro Drive FC 51 (0.18kw to 22kW)

VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 (21A to 1600A)

VLT® Soft Starter MCD 600 (20A to 579A)

VLT Sine-wave Filter MCC 101 (2.5A to 660A)

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